Winter weather has arrived and everybody wants to keep warm.

The best way to do this is by discovering the weak spots in your home and improve these areas.

The use of a thermal imaging camera comes into its own in colder conditions, when you use it to see ‘hot spots’ on badly or non-insulated parts of a building, ie solid walls, gaps in the loft insulation, etc.

Other frequent leakage areas are holes around pipes coming through walls around waste pipes behind bath panels or behind kitchen cupboards.

Badly fitted windows and doors with gaps between frame and wall will show heat leaking out.

We can help you discover the weak spots in your home and improve them to keep you more comfy this winter and help reduce energy costs.

Smart Energy Services is offering the thermal imaging service with photos and a report for a trial fee of £75.00 (up to 4-bed property) until 30th November.  Contact us on 07410 549781 or email

thermal image