The open house arrangement for seeing new or different types of buildings is always a very interesting experience.  Last Sunday I had the chance to view a local Passivhaus before completion.

Viewing a Passivhaus in Shropshire is a very unusual since there are less than a handful of them around.  So it was inspiring to see the Edgmont house designed by Jon Chadwick for his family still with the ‘bare bones’  visible, meaning unplastered and some aspects left uncovered.

The house was build offsite in Latvia and the finished segments, ie. walls, 1.floor and roof transported to the site, where they were raised and connected on a prepared well insulated concrete base.  Due to the building parts being pre-designed and prepared the construction time was cut drastically and the new building was weathertight in a very short time.

The Passivhaus design is flexible and can be achieved with a wide range of shapes and construction types.  The main feature is the low energy usage and comfort due to high insulation levels and airtightness and passive solar gain.  So this house will be heated by three towel rails and the occasional use of the wood stove.

Next year a local company will be building their Passivhaus homes in Welshpool, where the timber frame structures are prepared and transported to site.