Are you planning on a new conservatory for your home? Here at Smart Energy Services we can help you do it greener.

Conservatories are still a very popular extension to the home as they give you extra living space without feeling as if you lose too much of the garden as they seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

It’s also a cost effective way to expand your home.

But conservatories do come with their problems. As they are made of glass, they are hard to heat during the winter and can suffer from overheating during the summer.

One solution is to increase the insulation. A concrete or timber floor can be fully insulated. Also think about doors so the house, so it can be separated from the conservatory in very hot or cold weather.

Blinds in a light colour also help by giving maximum reflection. Roof blinds will reflect heat in summer and retain warmth in the winter.

Even better to fit an insulated tiled roof above the conservatory to minimise extreme temperatures.  This seems to be becoming a popular option at the moment with special roof conversions being advertised for existing conservatories.

The glass used in conservatories today comes with solar control double or triple glazing, which gives improved thermal insulation.

Plastic is the favourite option for conservatory frames due to the lower cost and maintenance.

Wood is also a good option as it not only looks great but has efficient insulation properties and is a more sustainable product. It does need to be treated with specific varnish or paint.

There is no reason why a conservatory cannot be made into a beautiful and green space for your home.

If you would like to discuss your conservatory plans, I would be happy to chat about what can be done to make it greener, saving energy and lowering bills.  Give me a ring on 07410 549781 or email