Complete Retrofit Management

Hay Tor – Bungalow in Bayston Hill

Hay Tor is Claus Best’s own home. It was transformed from a cold and draughty bungalow to a warm and comfy home of superhome standard.


The Process

1. Windows and doors

The metal framed single glazed windows and doors were exchanged for wooden triple glazed ones.

2. Efficient gas boiler and solar panels

The existing outdated gas boiler was replaced by an efficient boiler, Viessmann Vitodens100 supported by a weather compensation feed. This was combined with solar thermal panels linked to a 200 litre tank for the hot water system.

3. Making the house airtight

An air-tight membrane was fitted to the ceiling in all rooms and taped against the walls. Special tapes were fitted to the new window and door frames to exclude leakage at these important points. Special seals were also added around pipes and cables breaching ceiling and walls.

4. Roof and loft insulation

The roof was insulated with 125mm thick sprayfoam below the roofing felt and between and below the rafters.

5. External wall insulation

The external walls were insulated with 100mm Kingspan boards and rendered with a specific thin acrylic render which incorporates the colour, and so doesn’t need repainting.

6. The fitting of a Mechanical Ventilation + Heat Recovery system

This ventilates the home and recovers about 90% of heat from the extracted air and moves the energy over to the fresh air, so the fresh air enters usually at 17C.

The Outcome

A comfortable home with the thermostat at 20C all year round and dual fuel bills at £53/month.

Phenolic Insulation Board
Spray Foam Insulation
Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit
Solar Panel Installation