Cold to Comfy Bedroom

Individual measures of a retrofit package 4-bed house in Shrewsbury

The customers wanted to have a more comfortable bedroom, reducing heat loss so it keeps the temperature. The bedroom had three external walls and a storage loft above with minimal insulation.


The Process

1 . Reduce damp

To eliminate the risk of damp transfer from the brick wall battens were fitted, then 55mm thick insulated plasterboard which has a high insulation value was installed. This size was used to keep as much space in the room as possible.

The same boards were fitted against the ceiling and screwed into the joists.

2. Electricity

The cables for lights, sockets and switches were brought through the boards and refitted.

3. Plastering and finishing

After the room was plastered, skirting boards, picture rails and architrave around the window were fitted.

4. Efficient heating

The radiator was moved and replaced with a modern, smaller model.

The Outcome

The bedroom is now more comfortable and less draughty than before.