Garage to Apartment

Conversion of a garage at a house near Shrewsbury into a guest apartment

A detached drafty garage was converted into a guest room with en suite and a mini kitchen unit incorporating cooker, sink and fridge.


The Process

1. Reduce damp

A damp proof course was laid over the existing concrete floor and 75mm Kingspan insulation boards fitted above.

2. Internal wall insulation

Vertical timbers were fitted against the walls, cables and pipework fitted within, then 75mm insulation boards were added between the timbers.

A vapour barrier was fitted across the walls and they were plasterboarded.

3. Roof insulation

Kingspan insulation boards were attached below the rafters and plasterboard backed insulation below these, so achieving an insulation thickness of 138mm.

Soffit vent strips and a ridge ventilation system was added between tiles and insulation.

4. Making everything airtight

The single glazed window was replaced with a top spec double glazed one, the garage doors were replaced with a boarded and insulated front with two double glazed panels and a floating floor was laid over the insulation boards and the space was plastered then skirting was fixed.

5. Light

Two roof windows were fitted to give more light.

6. Heating

The main room is heated by an efficient and easily programmable electric heater. The en suite bathroom is heated via a towel rail.

The Outcome

The garage is now a workable and livable space.