At last the Government is showing an interest in the renewable heating sector by increasing the rates for the RHI payments from this spring.

Following the drastic cuts in payments over the last 2 years biomass is getting an increase of over 50% from 4.21p/KWh to 6.44p/KWh.  The support for air source heat pumps had been cut back to 7.51p/KWh and will be increased to 10.02p/KWh, where the rate for ground source heat pumps had been unchanged just over 19p/KWh, which will be sligthly increased from 19.33p/KWh to 19.55p/KWh

The only difference for the new RHI payments will be a top heat demand limit above which no payments will be made.  This is 20,000KWh for ASHP, 30,000KWh for GSHP and 25,000KWh for biomass.  The rate for solar thermal systems stays at 19.74p/KWh predicted value.  All these rates will only apply to new RHI applications.