Here at Smart Energy Services we are able to pass on ideas about energy-efficiency within the home – but don’t forget there are also things to look at outside which can reduce your bills.

Everyone is looking at ways of saving money as energy bills account for a huge part of the householder’s budget and there a raft of measures that can be utilised in preventing bills from rocketing, while also helping the environment.

One way of saving water and money is to have a water butt installed in the garden. It is estimated that if each home in the UK had a water butt it would save 30,000 million litres of water each year.

The use of outdoor water makes up about seven per cent of the total usage but in summer this figure can rise at peak demand to about 50 per cent. And the water butt also helps to reduce the carbon footprint. It is estimated that each house in the UK has half a ton of water ‘delivered’ every day. This results in high costs in treating and pumping.

Installation of solar panels is among the most obvious of energy-saving devices. The panels don’t need direct sunlight to operate – the energy can still be collected on a grey day.

Solar panels can make huge savings in electricity bills and an additional benefit is the feed in tariff (FiT), which has been reduced, but still exists. Installation costs for the panels have dropped drastically too.

The produced solar power can now also be stored in powerful batteries to be used when needed.  Another way of using solar power while there is no other use for the power is to divert it to the immersion heater and heat the water in the hot water tank.

Sunlight is a free source of power and after the initial installation is paid, electricity costs will be reduced. Solar power also helps to cut the carbon footprint.

Changing your lawn mower can also reduce the cost of cutting your lawn and helping the environment.

A petrol mower adds to pollution while a push-mower helps with your physical exercise regime and does away with the need of paying for fuel or electricity.

Our aim at Smart Energy Services is to offer our knowledge and expertise in helping the householder see a big reduction in energy usage and a huge drop in the cost of bills.

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