Across the UK there is a rapidly expanding network of 200 homes which have been transformed into ‘Superhomes’.

They are all old homes which have been refurbished and now use at least 60 per cent less CO2.
We’re proud to say Hay Tor, home of director Claus Best and business headquarters for Smart Energy Services, is one of those 200 homes.

A big part of the work of those living in Superhomes is opening the doors of their properties and inviting others in to see what changes have been made and how.

As part of that, Hay Tor is having an open weekend from 12pm to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday, 17th/18th September.

The ideas is that Superhome owners have led the way in terms of energy efficiency and green living, and others can learn from them by seeing real-life examples of improvements.

Feedback from visitors after events held all around the country has been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying they’d try and implement some of the ideas they’d seen in their own homes and others praising the benefits of viewing changes firsthand rather than simply reading about energy saving.

There are only three Superhomes in the Shrewsbury area currently so Hay Tor is a great example of one right on the doorstep – and will hopefully inspire others in Shropshire to get on board and make some changes too.

The information available from Superhomes is useful whether you want to make some improvements but have no idea where to start, you’d like some guidance on your retrofit project or you’ve completed a project and think your home could be the latest Superhome to join the network.

Visit for more information. For more about Hay Tor in Pulley Lane, Bayston Hill, or Smart Energy Services, call director Claus Best on 07410 549781 or email