There are hundreds of ways energy usage in the home can be reduced: at Smart Energy Services we can offer you plenty of advice and a helping hand to transform your house into a truly green residence and a comfortable home.

Making changes is often cheaper than you think, and of course the long-term benefits mean they will often pay for themselves over time and additionally increase the value of the property.

But if you want some easy ways to save energy with small upfront costs, then don’t fear there are still plenty of options out there:

Wood burning stoves:

There are so many affordable options out there when it comes to stoves these days, and they can be a beautiful asset to your home. They can provide a huge amount of heat often to more than one room and negate the need for you to always have your heating on. Consumer product testers Which? have created a useful guide going through the ins and outs (here) and it’s worth noting they did a survey a couple of years ago which revealed more than half of stove owners said theirs had saved them money.

Solar panels:

Clearly, there is a fairly sizable outlay when you’re getting solar panels installed in your home. But they don’t have to be as expensive as you think. The market is so competitive these days that many companies are offering vastly reduced rates on solar panels. As this is a bigger project, it’s definitely worth doing your research when it comes to who’s offering what, any Government scheme is available at the time you’re thinking of getting them and exactly what the cost benefit will be.


An energy efficient boiler can make a big difference to your heating costs, and again you can find them at a great price if you shop around and take advantage of any deals on at the time. It’s estimated 65 per cent of your annual energy bill cost is attributed to your boiler so the difference will be noticeable if you upgrade. The boiler at Hay Tor, home of Smart Energy Services director Claus Best, has a weather compensation feed, meaning it lets the boiler operate at lower temperatures.


There are many options out there these days, including the external insulation boards, tapes and spray-foam used at Hay Tor, which make a property more airtight and less drafty. These can often be fitted yourself if you know what you’re doing so this reduces the need to pay for any labour. Again, this is worth researching and an easy way to do that is to get in touch with the Smart Energy Services team.

For more information about energy saving, call Claus Best on 07410 549781 or email