Building an extension to increase the size of a kitchen is a common reason to enlarge a home.

Whether the family has grown and you are looking for more space, or that when you moved into the home you always knew the kitchen would get an overhaul at some point, there are lots of things to think about.

More and more, people are listing energy saving possibilities as one of the things they want to plan into their build.

Every homeowner would like to save money on their utility bills, and we should all be thinking about the effect our home has on the wider environment.

But what a lot of people don’t realise is how easy it can be to incorporate energy saving practices into the home at the same time as building an extension – and the low costs of including these at this stage.

I gave my bungalow near Shrewsbury a complete overhaul, and the kitchen has many additions to help reduce costs and its carbon footprint.

I fitted LED lights and an airated tap on the sink. This reduces the flow of water but the visible quantity is hardly affected since air is added to the flow.

The windows and doors are triple glazed and to achieve airtightness he fitted a membrane against the ceilings taped to the walls and fitted tapes between the frames of new windows, doors and reveals.

An extremely efficient Viessmann system boiler was installed with a weather compensation feed, meaning it lets the boiler operate at lower temperatures, and a pressurised hot water tank linked to 4m2 solar thermal panels fitted by Llani Solar reduced the need for the boiler to heat the water.

The house is ventilated permanently with fresh air by a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery unit, which recirculates the heat extracted from the bathroom and kitchen and adds it to the fresh air supplying living and bedrooms.

And the extracted air from the cooker hood is included in this system and due to the unit’s 92% efficiency it helps in saving energy.

This results in a big reduction in energy usage and a big drop in the cost of bills.

If you are planning to extend your kitchen, or any part of your home, I would be happy to chat about what can be done to save energy and lower bills.

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