To celebrate Green Office Week, which runs from May 9 to 14, we’re taking a look at how businesses across Shropshire and beyond could improve their energy efficiency.

The huge benefits of this are not only good for the environment but also good for the local economy. By thinking about low energy living it leads to low energy costs and this can reduce the overheads of any business – freeing up money to plough back into the company itself.

It doesn’t just make environmental sense – it makes perfect business sense too.

I’m Claus Best, director of Smart Energy Services, and the national event of Green Office Week fits perfectly with our ethos. The event is running for an eighth year and this year it’s all about you and your office.

The aim of the week is to celebrate green achievements of offices across the UK.

Here’s the focus for each day:

Monday – Inspiring and rewarding change

Tuesday – Green mailing tips and tricks

Wednesday – Big green Ideas

Thursday – Green motivators

Friday – Sustainable foodie fix

Saturday – The green giveaway

So for us Wednesday is the big day. If you’re renting your office it might be more difficult to make big changes – but not impossible.

Our company provides a complete service from an initial energy report which advises on improvements which could be made, to the installation and project management of large scale changes to a business premises.

So what are some of the changes you can make?

  • Improved wall and roof insulation
  • Increased damp proofing
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Installing a more efficient boiler
  • Additional draught proofing
  • Installing low energy lighting

And further improvements could also include:

  • Installing solar panels
  • Updating the heating system
  • Ensuring the premises are airtight

These measures would make a business premises more affordable to heat.

Best of luck with any initiatives you are doing for Green Office Week.

You can get in touch with the team which run the national event to share your plans by emailing or via Twitter and Facebook, don’t forget to use #GreenOffice16